How ‘Breakfast with Ana’ Came to be

  • March 31, 2016

Breakfast with Ana” is a love letter to my boo Ana Jurado. In our two-year-old relationship, she has been an oasis of “good girl” in a desert of “bad bitches”. She’s cut from a different cloth and she doesn’t mind spoiling me sometimes. And this is my ode to her. It’s my way of saying “I see you boo. And I see you’re heart.”

The short is also practice as I prepare for making my first feature film; Reparations Check. It’s essentially a bit of film exercise. The challenge was to tell a story without any dialogue. So I ruminated on that idea for a couple months as I worked on post-production for “The Lucid Perceptive Dream” . Besides not having dialogue, the piece needed to be extremely low budget.  Again, this was practice. Then one day shortly after the new year the idea hit me like a dirty police officer. I was thinking how important it is not to take our loved ones for granted as Ana, like her character, served me breakfast in bed. And the idea for Breakfast with Ana was sparked.

It’s notable that Ana is not a trained actress. She did the project after much prodding from me. She was a great collaborator who also played cameraperson for the shots of me. And she wore the hat of chef who prepared our on-screen meals.

You also get a chance to see ‘yours truly’ acting: if pretending to sleep can be called acting.

We shot the seven minute piece on my Sony a6000 mirrorless digital camera on at 7 am on Saturday, February 13th. Originally, I thought of premiering the video on Valentine’s Day but then thought the best of it as the editing would’ve been rushed. This project gave me an opportunity to learn a bit about motion graphics in After Effects and focus on story through action.

This movie is the third of 6 small shorts or scenes I’m shooting to sharpen my proverbial, filmmaking saw in anticipation of shooting “Reparations Check” my social fantasy planned for production in 2016. Please subscribe to my mailing list (see below) to get updates on the production’s  progress and find out more about my filmmaking journey to directing my feature film.